Tanguay Lab Wins Big at PANWAT 2021 Seminar

From left to right: Subham Dasgupta, Lindsey St. Mary, John Lam, Yvonne Rericha, and Connor Leong

At the annual fall meeting for the Pacific Northwest Association of Toxicologists, a number of our very own scientists brought some very much deserved attention and recognition for our lab, with the awardees being:

Best Undergrad Talk (2nd Place) – John Lam

Best Grad Student Talk (1st Place) – Yvonne Rericha

Best Grad Student Talk (4th Place) – Connor Leong

Best Postdoc Talk (1st Place) – Lindsey St. Mary

Best Postdoc Talk (2nd Place) – Subham Dasgupta

Dr. Tanguay wins the 8 year NIEHS Revolutionizing Innovative, Visionary Environmental health Research (RIVER) grant! Congrats!!!

Here is an OSU article on this achievement.

Tanguay lab celebrating this achievement.

New paper on gene co-expression network analysis

New paper on gene-co-expression network analysis led by recent graduate Dr. Prarthana Shankar and PNNL’s Dr. Ryan McClure is now online in BMC Genomics!