Graduate Students

Visiting Scholars

Early Career Scientists



Carrie Barton – Faculty Research Assistant


Currently a laboratory manager for the University of Utah


Dante Perone

Joined in 2019

Arianna Sanchez – Undergraduate Researcher

Joined in 2019


Prarthana Shankar


Currently a postdoc at the US EPA in Duluth, MN

Claudia Santillan


Currently working in an Outreach position in Texas.

Lindsay Denluck


Currently a Scientist in Nonclinical Development at Sage Therapeutics

Michael Garland


Currently an Associate Toxicologist at California Department of Toxic Substances Control

Laura Holden


Currently a small business owner

Anna Chlebowski


Currently an Associate Scientist at Novo Nordisk

Derik Haggard


Currently a postdoc at the US EPA

Gloria Garcia


Currently a postdoc at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD

Mitra Geier


Currently a Scientist at the California EPA in Sacramento, CA

Andrea Knecht


Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Pacific Northwest Research Institute in Seattle, WA

Joe Fisher


Currently employed at Microsoft

Leah Wehmas


Currently a postdoc at the US EPA

Britton Goodale


Currently a Scientist at Dartmouth University

Galen Miller


Formerly a Postdoctoral Scientist at UC Davis

Jill Franzosa


Formerly a Postdoctoral Scientist at UC Davis

Katerine Saili


Currently a Toxicologist at the US EPA

Partiban B. Chellam Jesudason


Currently a Process Development Specialist at Lonza in Singapore

Sumitra Sengupta


Currently a Scientist at Johns Hopkins

Kate Cleveland


Currently an outreach coordinator in New Mexico

Crystal Usenko


Currently a Histocompatibility Technologist at Baylor University

Lijoy Matthew


Currently a Chief Scientist at the GlaxoSmithKline in London, UK

Fred Tilton


Mark Reimers


Currently Associate Manager at UpSpring/RB Consumer Safety

Jean-Marie Zodrow


Currently a Senior Scientist at Geosyntec Consultants

Scott Bennion


Currently an MD practicing in Michigan

Nicole Conley


Current Employment Unknown

Lindsay Wilson


Christopher M. Sullivan



Russell Schaaf

Emma Odone

Austin Nichols

Connor Johnson

Madeleine Koegler


Parker Choc


Courtney Roper


Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi

Sean Bugel – K99 Awardee


Currently working at Rutgers University

Subham Dasgupta
Currently a assistant professor at Clemson University

Marc Elie


Currently an Analytical Senior Scientist at MycoTechnology

Pamela Noyes


Currently a Senior Scientist for the US EPA located in Washington, DC

 Yasmeen Nkrumah-Elie


Currently the Director of R&D for External Research at ChromaDex

Nadia Stegeman


Left to raise a family

Kitae Kim


Currently an Assistant Professor at Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Siba Das


Currently working as a scientist in the field in Seattle, Washington

Tamara Tal


Currently a Professor at the UFC Center for Environmental Research, in Leipzig, Germany

Kerri Stanley


Currently a Toxicologist in Waltham, MA

Liz Alpren


Currently a scientist at Oregon State University

Stacey Harper


Currently a Professor teaching EMT courses at Oregon State

Eric Andreasen – Scientist FDA


Rest in Peace

Melissa Haendel – In Cooperation with Dr. George Bailey


Currently the Principal Investigator at the OSU Linus Pauling Institute