Selected Recent Publications

  • Balik-Meisner, M., L. Truong, E. H. Scholl, J. K. La Du, R. L. Tanguay and D. M. Reif (2018). “Elucidating Gene-by-Environment Interactions Associated with Differential Susceptibility to Chemical Exposure.” Environ Health Perspect 126(6): 067010. PMCID: PMC6084885
  • Balik-Meisner, M., L. Truong, E. H. Scholl, R. L. Tanguay and D. M. Reif (2018). “Population genetic diversity in zebrafish lines.” Mamm Genome 29(1-2): 90-100. PMCID: PMC5851690
  • Bugel, S. M. and R. L. Tanguay (2018). “Multidimensional chemobehavior analysis of flavonoids and neuroactive compounds in zebrafish.” Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 344: 23-34. PMCID: PMC5912343
  • Chen, J., L. Lei, L. Tian, F. Hou, C. Roper, X. Ge, Y. Zhao, Y. Chen, Q. Dong, R. L. Tanguay and C. Huang (2018). “Developmental and behavioral alterations in zebrafish embryonically exposed to valproic acid (VPA): An aquatic model for autism.” Neurotoxicol Teratol 66: 8-16. PMCID: PMC5856631
  • Gamble, J. T., Y. Reed-Harris, C. L. Barton, J. La Du, R. Tanguay and J. A. Greenwood (2018). “Quantification of glioblastoma progression in zebrafish xenografts: Adhesion to laminin alpha 5 promotes glioblastoma microtumor formation and inhibits cell invasion.” Biochem Biophys Res Commun. PMID: 30389143
  • Garcia, G. R., S. M. Bugel, L. Truong, S. Spagnoli and R. L. Tanguay (2018). “AHR2 required for normal behavioral responses and proper development of the skeletal and reproductive systems in zebrafish.” PLoS One 13(3): e0193484.PMCID: PMC5832240
  • Garcia, G. R., P. Shankar, C. L. Dunham, A. Garcia, J. K. La Du, L. Truong, S. C. Tilton and R. L. Tanguay (2018). “Signaling Events Downstream of AHR Activation That Contribute to Toxic Responses: The Functional Role of an AHR-Dependent Long Noncoding RNA ( slincR) Using the Zebrafish Model.” Environ Health Perspect 126(11): 117002. PMID: 30398377
  • Geier, M. C., A. C. Chlebowski, L. Truong, S. L. Massey Simonich, K. A. Anderson and R. L. Tanguay (2018). “Comparative developmental toxicity of a comprehensive suite of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.” Arch Toxicol 92(2): 571-586. PMCID: PMC5820187
  • Geier, M. C., D. James Minick, L. Truong, S. Tilton, P. Pande, K. A. Anderson, J. Teeguardan and R. L. Tanguay (2018). “Systematic developmental neurotoxicity assessment of a representative PAH Superfund mixture using zebrafish.” Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 354: 115-125. PMCID: PMC6087484
  • Ginzburg, A. L., L. Truong, R. L. Tanguay and J. E. Hutchison (2018). “Synergistic Toxicity Produced by Mixtures of Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticles and Widely Used Surfactants.” ACS Nano. PMID: 29697962
  • Haggard, D. E., P. D. Noyes, K. M. Waters and R. L. Tanguay (2018). “Transcriptomic and phenotypic profiling in developing zebrafish exposed to thyroid hormone receptor agonists.” Reprod Toxicol 77: 80-93. PMCID: PMC5878140
  • Hagstrom, D., L. Truong, S. Zhang, R. Tanguay and E. S. Collins (2018). “Comparative analysis of zebrafish and planarian model systems for developmental neurotoxicity screens using an 87-compound library.” Toxicol Sci. PMID: 30011007
  • Hanigan, D., L. Truong, J. Schoepf, T. Nosaka, A. Mulchandani, R. L. Tanguay and P. Westerhoff (2018). “Trade-offs in ecosystem impacts from nanomaterial versus organic chemical ultraviolet filters in sunscreens.” Water Res 139: 281-290. PMID: 29656193
  • Hogan, D. E., F. Tian, S. W. Malm, C. Olivares, R. Palos Pacheco, M. T. Simonich, A. S. Hunjan, R. L. Tanguay, W. T. Klimecki, R. Polt, J. E. Pemberton, J. E. Curry and R. M. Maier (2018). “Biodegradability and toxicity of monorhamnolipid biosurfactant diastereomers.” J Hazard Mater 364: 600-607. PMID: 30390580
  • Kidd, J. M., D. Hanigan, L. Truong, K. Hristovski, R. Tanguay and P. Westerhoff (2018). “Developing and interpreting aqueous functional assays for comparative property-activity relationships of different nanoparticles.” Sci Total Environ 628-629: 1609-1616. PMID: 30045577.
  • Kim, J., K. Clark, C. Barton, R. Tanguay and H. Moulton (2018). “A Novel Zebrafish Model for Assessing In Vivo Delivery of Morpholino Oligomers.” Methods Mol Biol 1828: 293-306. PMID: 30171549
  • Madeira, C. L., J. A. Field, M. T. Simonich, R. L. Tanguay, J. Chorover and R. Sierra-Alvarez (2018). “Ecotoxicity of the insensitive munitions compound 3-nitro-1,2,4-triazol-5-one (NTO) and its reduced metabolite 3-amino-1,2,4-triazol-5-one (ATO).” J Hazard Mater 343: 340-346. PMCID: PMC5771256
  • Pearce, M. C., J. T. Gamble, P. R. Kopparapu, E. F. O’Donnell, M. J. Mueller, H. S. Jang, J. A. Greenwood, A. C. Satterthwait, R. L. Tanguay, X. K. Zhang and S. K. Kolluri (2018). “Induction of apoptosis and suppression of tumor growth by Nur77-derived Bcl-2 converting peptide in chemoresistant lung cancer cells.” Oncotarget 9(40): 26072-26085. PMCID: PMC5995251
  • Roper, C., S. L. M. Simonich and R. L. Tanguay (2018). “Development of a high-throughput in vivo screening platform for particulate matter exposures.” Environ Pollut 235: 993-1005.PMCID: PMC5951187.
  • Tanguay, R. L. (2018). “The Rise of Zebrafish as a Model for Toxicology.” Toxicol Sci 163(1): 3-4. PMID: 29718442
  • Thomas, D. G., F. Tilton, H. Shankaran, L. Truong, R. L. Tanguay and K. M. Waters (In Press). “Time-dependent behavioral data from zebrafish reveals novel signatures of chemical toxicity using point of departure analysis.” Comp Tox.
  • Hamm JT, Ceger P, Allen D, Stout M, Maull EA, Baker G, Zmarowski A, Padilla S, Perkins E, Planchart A, Stedman D, Tal T, Tanguay RL, Volz DC, Wilbanks MS, Walker NJ.Characterizing sources of variability in zebrafish embryo screening protocols. ALTEX. PMID: 30415271 




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